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Drug and alcohol withdrawal can certainly be a very painful process. Countless neural and hormonal systems are effected by substance abuse, then when that substance subsides, these systems are tossed into disorder. Many people are not aware that detox from an addictive substance has many potentially life-threatening effects. Consequences of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol may include but are not limited to excessive worry and anxiety, headaches, shakiness, seizures, and more. The patient’s blood pressure may increase or become at risk, he/she could perhaps sweat excessively or develop tremors. Extreme nausea and physical pain is typically very common. If you are experiencing any of these withdrawal symptoms when you stop using or simply cannot stop yourself from using, effecting your work, family and relationships, you most likely need a professional detox and treatment facility.

Today’s addiction specialists such as SoCal Detox, have pharmacological tools at their disposal that can ease the pain and suffering of addicts, and help prevent relapses. Having experience with detox and rehabilitation with all drugs including, alcohol, ambien, benzodizaepines, heroin, methadone, methamphetamine, opiates, oxycodone/oxycotin, pain killers, prozac, xanax and more, SoCal Detox is the first name in drug and alcohol detox.

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My stay at SoCal Detox has allowed me a new beginning from narcotics after surgery. Their staff is not only kind, compassionate and professional, they are courteous and resourceful as to where I could find help for long term abstinence. I like to thank the owners and staff for helping me.

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Why Use a Professional/Monitored Detox Program?

There are many dangerous side effects that occur during the drug and alcohol detox process, and it is medically unsafe to attempt detox addiction treatment without expert care and attention. Withdrawal symptoms can be painful and medically life-threatening. Often unassisted individuals resume substance use in order to stop the discomfort. In order to keep withdrawals from sabotaging recovery, SoCal Detox specialists monitor your comfort levels as well as insure medical safety.

Can I Use Insurance?

Yes, we accept most PPO insurances. When you call us we will help you find out how much is covered under your plan. Currently, we accept Aetna, BlueCross/Blueshield, Cigna, Humana, Health Net, United Healthcare and more. Additionally, for those without insurance or without an insurance that we accept, we can offer a reduced cash/credit cost to begin your drug or alcohol detox. We encourage you to not let the cost of treatment detour you from getting help for yourself or a loved one.

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How Long Does a Drug or Alcohol Detox Take?

The average length of drug substance detox is four or five days to a couple weeks; it is determined by the types of drugs you have been recently using and your body’s reaction to treatment. Detoxification from opiates and benzos will likely endure from five to ten days. Although the actual physical withdrawal may disappear fairly quickly, many people experience a desire to continue drug use for some time because the behavior has become engrained. It certainly is recommended that you consider entering a program after your detox is complete to assist you in reclaiming your life and learn to produce new habits as a substitute to drug use. The SoCal Detox specialists are the first choice professionals to assist you into the next step after detox treatment and will happily discuss your options for continued recovery. These decisions are best made after you have conquered your first days in detox and are more alert and grounded to make this next important step.

Why Choose SoCal Detox?breakfast-nook

The first aspect residents notice about SoCal Detox is the respect and care we give to each person in our care. For many, hospital settings are cold and distant. Our detox specialists know that our residents are people, and they care for them in a personal way that is foundational in successful detox. Environment is important. Our ocean view property, located in San Clemente, California, is small and private, offering a non-threatening harbor for the first step to sobriety: detox. Our facility is a combination of breath-taking views, a culture that is well liked by our patients and a state of the art facility.  We are fortunate to provide our patients with an environment that offers an entire panoramic of the Pacific Ocean. Our patients often spend hours just sitting and watching the incredible beauty this location has to offer, not to mention the sunsets.

The first 24 hours are the most crucial for any detox. Fortunately, SoCal Detox offers a home-like environment where residents can feel comfortable as they face this key time period. During the first day, residents are assessed by a physician and prescribed medications when necessary. Every 20 minutes for the initial 24 hours, a detox specialist monitors comfort levels and vitals. After the initial withdrawals have decreased, residents simply relax at the house. There are multiple televisions, board games, and a patio to enjoy the Southern California environment. We also have several board certified counselors and therapist integrated within our staff to help equip and discuss the patients concerns and future prospects towards living an addiction free life.

Upstairs-loftLastly, our location is state-of-the-art R3.1 rated facility. With a new fire control and carbon monoxide system, on site defibrillators and twenty-four hour medical trained staff, patients and their families know that they are not only in a healthy culture, but a safe facility. SoCal Detox prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of safety standards that are a level above the rest.

SoCal Detox receives patients from all over the United States and Canada. The majority of our out of area patients utilize the easy access from the Orange County Airport with our complimentary shuttle service to the SoCal Detox property.

Have Questions? Want to Find Out More About Addiction Treatment?

For more information about detox and addiction treatment, please visit our main site and discover any further information you need to help make the decision to help yourself or a loved one begin the journey to sobriety. Also on our site, you will find out which specific insurance we accept, meet our staff , view more images of our spectacular beachside facility, and more.

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