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“The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends medically assisted detoxification followed by therapy and relapse prevention.”

Why SoCal Detox – San Clemente, California

addiction recoverySoCal Detox specializes in the critical first step of addiction treatment. It is here that the specific needs of each patient become identified. The most effective stage to determine the next phase of rehabilitation is during the detoxification process, not before. Often addiction treatment patients commit to a full plan prior to the commencement of treatment and have difficulty understanding a journey that could last from a few months to a year. SoCal Detox tailors a complete program during detox which gives patients an opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the journey ahead of them. The data we obtain through medical testing, addiction treatment and observation during the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours identifies the individual needs of each patient more clearly, empowering us to make an effective decision for long-term treatment and aftercare. SoCal Detox works with several top rated partners such as treatment centers, hospitals, professional therapist, AA/NA/CR programs and sober-living facilities to provide our patients viable options. Patients have the luxury of having their own program customized by experienced professionals.   
Drug addiction treatmentAre you or a loved one suffering from addiction? SoCal Detox offers a carefully designed detox-only program with trained specialists to guide you safely through the detox process. Our addiction treatment is carefully monitored in a safe, alcohol and drug-free house in San Clemente, California (smoking is permitted). Using a program tailored specifically to serve adult males and females, 18 years and older, looking to get sober today, detox specialists are on-hand to monitor withdrawal symptoms and manage individual needs that are unique to each resident.. . The initial 24 hours are the most crucial in any successful detox, so during this period, SoCal Detox monitors residents every 20 minutes. Once the initial withdrawal symptoms mitigate, observation continues every hour for the duration of the detoxification.. . As a detox-only program, our specialists are uniquely equipped for all aspects of a detoxification including emergency assistance, should the need arise, as well as an assessment of each situation and whether acute hospital care is the best option.
SoCal Detox is the only program that offers twenty-four hour physician on-call availability utilizing state-of-the-art mobile medical units that can respond to our facility within minutes. Residential detoxification facilities usually fall into two groups. The first, is a residential location that is limited to providing physician care during business hours and by appointment only. Residential locations are preferred as they offer a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The other option is an actual hospital unit that is designed for detox, which provides twenty-four hour physician availability, but without the comfort of the home environment. iCare-logo24-hour-detox-careWith i-Care Urgent Care mobile medical units, SoCal Detox provides a cutting-edge solution to the industry standard. This mobile technology includes lab services and a live physician feed accompanied by an ER nurse and paramedic. The large majority of patients successfully complete our detoxification program without the need for additional medical services outside of their psychiatric care. However, we at SoCal Detox believe in being prepared for any scenario that may arise during the detoxification process. This service also enables us to monitor any other existing medical conditions a patient may have in addition to substance dependency.
The team at SoCal Detox is qualified and compassionate—always available to discuss resident’s treatment plans, what to expect, and proven methods for the best and most comfortable detox transition. . We also provide follow-up referrals when necessary for continued treatment.
You or your loved one can begin detoxification immediately. Call us now for a treatment evaluation: (888) 590-0777